The Downsman Bowls Club - Blind & Disabled Bowlers

If you are are interested in wanting to start playing or simply looking for a club to join, whether you are able bodied, blind or disabled, please contact Tony Ludbrook (Captain) via email address:-  The information below will help you understand a bit about our club.

Our Ethos

While we are a bowls club, competing in friendly matches, league matches and in county competitions, we have an ethos that embraces our whole approach to being members of the club.   We are a family who look out for one another, engage with one another and are very welcoming to new members. 
Everyone is encouraged to introduce themselves to new members and we include them in club activities and while not everyone can get on with everyone, we pride ourselves on being democratic, not cliquey and very friendly.
We aim to provide bowls opportunities for everyone, whether it be just roll ups, or friendly matches against other clubs, internal competitions, external leagues and county competitions.

We class ourselves as a mixed club, hence we only have 1 captain, who can be male or female, and all our matches against other clubs are mixed.  We do not play against clubs who do not provide mixed opposition.   There are two exceptions however as we do play in 1 men only league and 1 ladies only league.

We also have a Welfare Officer who will send cards and flowers to members who are unwell, and a Social Secretary who not only organises social events  but who ensure members key birthdays and anniversaries are not overlooked and arranges cards and cakes.

Club Night
The club night is held on Monday evenings throughout the season (April to September).  This is to allow members to roll-up for a friendly game of bowls as well as where we hold the internal league matches.  We have 6 rinks, and 3 used for the roll-up and 3 for the league.

During the roll-ups members are encouraged to engage with newcomers and welcome them to join in.

After the bowls, we welcome members into the pavilion where tea and cake are available, as well as something stronger if that be the preference as we have a small licenced bar serving a selection of bottled and canned beers, wine and soft drinks.

Short Mat
While we are an outdoor club, we have a thriving short mat element to the club, running from October to April.  This offers similar activities to that of outdoors, eg rollups, competitions and matches against other clubs.

The club offers a range of coaching from beginners, to intermediate or to anyone who simply has an issue to address.  In addition, positions in rinks and triples perform specific roles and the coaches can help understand what these are.  They also provide coaching on basis rules and etiquette.

So if this is the kind of club you would like to join, please contact Tony Ludbrook (Captain) via email address:-