The Downsman Bowls Club News story

Zip Wire Challenge - Done

12 May 2019

Wow - we only went and done it. 9 members of the Downsman Bowls Club raised money for Blind Veterans Uk charity, not only as it's a great charity but one the club chose out of respect to the visually impaired members of our club, some of whom who use the facilities at the Blind Veterans UK location in Ovingdean. And so on a really lovely sunny day, we plus some we talked into doing it on the day, sat with legs over the parapet 120 feet up and putting our faith in the Royal Marines (easier for the ladies it seemed) we launched ourselves on the zip wire down to the ground - Fantastic feeling and over all too quickly. If you get a chance to do it - do it.
£900 raised so far between us...and counting
Click here for a selection of some of the photos
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